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If death carries the form of so many faces
how will you know it when it looks you in the eye?
I wish that my mun would stop pestering with my timeline in such an involved manner. There are some "versions" of myself that really do not need to be redisturbed.
There are awkward things afoot. I can tell. My mun asked me about my sister, this morning. It was a very unexpected question and a topic that I have not thought about for many many centuries. I have a feeling it was only part of a collection of recent events. Either way, it is no one's business.

I have regained access to my study, finally. I am also attempting to stagger my hours within it, more rationally. Socialization may happen very soon...

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No. I will not be present in the main room while he is in there. I doubt that would be wise. Apologies.

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It's often a surprising moment when you realize the twelve days have passed by instead of three. Time is such a minimal thing to me that I tend to neglect its existence.

Sometimes I neglect many things.

Once in a while I find myself so carried away in my books that I begin to ignore the things that are truly the most important to me. I must find the answers I need within my studies, but I often let myself become too engrossed to remember why I am passionate about these things. I refuse to let myself become some mechanical creature of habit. Well...no more than I already am, at least.

Maybe stepping back for a moment will allow me to find what I need in a different manner.

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Yes, I am more moody than usual, as of lately. I have my reasons for it. I do not expect anyone to understand why, just believe me when I say my reasons are legitimate. 
This will pass, one way or another. Until then, I'm not feeling especially social.

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After so long, it seems that muses are rising again, one by one. The socializing is stirring once more, though the chaos seems to be on a more mild scale. It is nice to see familiar faces, even clouded with the remnants of sleep.
I have been hovering on the edges, observing everything and waiting for all elements to settle back into their place. Perhaps I will begin venturing out into the open more often now.

Atom is here now, though. I am not certain what to think of that. He is a peculiar memory that I had tucked away, even if it was one I was quite proud of at the time. That other one...Hadron, I believe it is...has also joined him. How unusual it is that they have become close- my greatest creation along side one of Tawny's. Ironic, at best...

What is stirring me most, however, is my newest 'neighbor.' I know it should not, but some things are hard to simply...ignore. I know I have been out of my usual sorts since her arrival. I know it is outwardly noticeable. I simply hope it does not put Kadim at any unease. I am having no second thoughts on any of my choices in life. Some scars still ache, though. I have always been aware of her presence- in a manner more literal than some could ever understand, she is part of me. That said, I am rarely placed in the same general vicinity as her...
All this will pass, I am sure.

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.....fucking hell.....

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Oh you are SO FUCKING DEAD! You better hope to Hell and back that something else finds you and kills you before I do!!! You've overstepped your bounds, Siar. I don't give a flying fuck who you're apprenticed to. There are some things you just do NOT mess with!

...and I hope they bury your filthy carcass before your moment of death along with dozens of flesh-eating maggots to infest your corpse...

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...now to figure out if I'm insulted or amused...

Your Stripper Name is: Trixie

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